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“If you wish you could use us as your success story and have people directed to us in Winnipeg to see our Dog and get to hear how happy we are and see his attitude and behaviour. We would love to do it for you Esther.  No problem.  Free of charge.  It would create sales for you for people in Winnipeg who are asking us when we walk to the park with our dog and if you post it on Kijiji then just forward them to us to see the Dog.  We get sooooooooooo many compliments on him when we walk him on the street or in the park.  People don’t see many “puddles” in Manitoba.  They see lots of mixed “puddles” but not pure breed like him.  His coat is real white and soft too.  We only feed him the Royal Canine Food and fresh raw veggies or fruit as a treat.  It is expensive food but Pet Cetra gives us $20 coupons every month so works out well for us.”

“He is a lovely young boy.  We find that since he has been fixed he is even showing a more sweeter side of him.  It’s almost as if he is not a boy who like sniffles everything around him.  He walks so straight next to us when we walk him and he is so soft sided.  I can’t explain but its amazing how good he listens and he shows affection.  He loves kids and seems so caring for us and his toy puddle sister Abby.  He learns so easy what ever we teach him.”